Rideau Park School Fire Update

24 Jul Rideau Park School Fire Update


  • Contractor started work on flood mitigation measures at Rideau Park School in late June;
  • One component of the work requires relocating the mechanical and electrical room from the basement to the 2nd floor; and
  • This work requires surrounding roof structures to be reinforced.



  • The Calgary Fire Service (CFS) was called at ~5pm on Tues, Jul 18. Contractor was on location at the time;
  • The fire was restricted to the roof over the school addition that houses the music room and gymnasium. Construction materials for the project appear to have been stockpiled on the roof at that location; and
  • CFS investigation is underway (Jul 19-20). CBE has been given restricted access during the investigation



  • A portion of the gym floor will need to be replaced due to water damage;
  • The band room will require new carpeting, ceiling and other interior finishes due to water damage; and
  • Band instruments were not damaged but they are being cleaned due to smoke.


Calgary Board of Education will confirm at a later date, what (if any) impact this will have on school opening in September once restoration timelines are known.