November 2017 Community Newsletter

17 Nov November 2017 Community Newsletter

After a busy summer spent here in Calgary-Elbow and around the province, I returned to the Legislature at the end of October. We have a full agenda this fall addressing issues that will impact Alberta employees, business owners, parents and students. Also, by the time you read this the final report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission should be out, and we’ll be finalizing the updated electoral map in this fall’s sitting as well.

The provincial government’s consultations on proposed changes to Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety legislation wrapped up mid-October. I expect we’ll see an update to this legislation, and I’ll be keeping a close eye out to ensure that the changes genuinely improve worker safety while not unduly adding to the cost of doing business. I’ve heard from many business owners in Calgary-Elbow and beyond who are concerned about the cumulative impact of the changes the government has made in many areas, and I want to ensure Alberta remains safe for workers and is also a great place to do business.

The Minister of Education is also expected to bring changes to the School Act. I will push for clarity on school fees, in particular those relating to transportation for students in alternative programs like French Immersion. I’ve heard from many parents concerned about the recent changes to bussing and bell times and I will be sure to raise these in the debate on the School Act.

In addition to my work on the floor of the Legislature, I am continuing work on the Child Intervention Panel. The panel will move from consultation to deliberations on how we can improve Alberta’s child welfare system, focusing on how to address the over-representation of indigenous children in care. These discussions will continue through the fall and our recommendations will be released early in 2018.

If this fall is anything like the past Legislative sessions there will also be a few surprises, and I’m always interested in hearing from you on anything going on in the Legislature or here at home. Feel free to contact my constituency office at (403) 252-0346 or any time.