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07 Feb MLA for a Day

Are you a high school student with an interest in politics?  Consider applying for Mr. Speaker's MLA for a Day. Take place in a free three-day youth conference, running from May 6 -8 at the Alberta Legislature. The goal of MLA for a Day is for politically engaged...

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26 Jun Review of Bill 203, Alberta Standard Time Act

On April 3, 2017, the Legislative Assembly referred Bill 203, Alberta Standard Time Act, to the Standing Committee on Alberta's Economic Future. The Committee must report its observations, opinions, and recommendations with respect to the Bill back to the Assembly by October 4, 2017. If passed,...

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06 Mar Budget Town Hall

There are no easy answers to the economic challenges facing our province. It’s clear the solutions offered by left and right will have long-term negative consequences for Alberta’s finances, economy, public services, or all of these. As the economic downturn moves into its third year, many...

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