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  • Small Business Forum

    Small businesses are the most important driver of our economy.  According to Calgary Economic Development, 95% of businesses in Calgary employ less than 50 employees and 65% have less than four employees. I am concerned about the stresses being put on small business in Alberta......

  • July 2018 Community Newsletter

    Pipeline Update As I write this the federal government has just announced that it will purchase the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline and the expansion project. If this means the pipeline actually gets built, it’s good for not only Alberta, but for the rest of Canada......

  • June 2018 Community Newsletter

    As we mark the fifth anniversary of one of the costliest natural disasters in the history of not only our province, but our country, I wanted to talk about the status of flood mitigation. Floods have had a huge impact on Calgary-Elbow, but that impact......

  • Assembly Committee Invites Input on Bill 201, Employment Standards (Firefighter Leave) Amendment Act, 2018

    The Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future is seeking input for its review of Bill 201, Employment Standards (Firefighter Leave) Amendment Act, 2018. Bill 201 proposes occasional leave for part-time firefighters to assist in fire services while prohibiting employers, without good cause, from preventing a......

Greg Clark was elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-Elbow on May 5, 2015.


He currently serves on the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention, the Standing Committee on the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund and the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future.


MLA Clark was previously a member of the Select Special Ethics and Accountability Committee and the Standing Committee for Resource Stewardship.

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